Needing medical attention isn’t something we want to think about, but if you do require some treatment then the Cheshire Care Record could help get you home sooner.

Linking GPs, hospitals, mental health, cancer and social care services across the region, the Cheshire Care Record gives professionals an instant overview of your test results, medications, allergies and any relevant mental health or social care information.

It means that if you have to see someone like a GP or a doctor in hospital this winter, you won’t have to keep repeating your medical history or end up having duplicate tests and appointments – you’ll get the right treatment and care for your needs.

Dr Stephen Moore, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust, said:  “It is invaluable when you have patients who are unable to provide a medical history and can save vital time in deciding how to treat them safely.  It is especially helpful when it comes to verifying that they are on the correct medication and so avoid prescribing drugs which might cause an adverse reaction.”

As a patient, when a health professional tries to access your record you will be asked if you give consent for them to do so. Patients who have refused permission to share their GP record in the past will need to ask their GP to ‘opt’ them back in to sharing information if they wish to have a Cheshire Care Record.

The information in your Cheshire Care Record is held securely within the NHS and can only be accessed by qualified professionals such as doctors, nurses and social workers who are treating you.

If you’ve seen the benefits of the Cheshire Care Record, let us know on Twitter. We’re @Cheshire_Care. Use the hashtag #CheshireCareRecord