Cheshire patients were some of the first in the country to benefit from the introduction of a new digital care record in 2016, with patients being asked to ‘opt in’ to have a record created. Now, in a move to support more people to get better, more efficient care, patients won’t be asked to do anything. Instead, a record will be automatically created on their behalf.

The CCR provides the following important benefits:

  • Better health care – by improving all aspects of patient care, including safety, effectiveness, putting the patient at the very centre of the picture, better communication, timeliness, efficiency and equity.
  • Improved efficiencies and lower health care costs by promoting preventative medicine and improved coordination of health care services, as well as by reducing waste and unnecessary or repeated tests.
  • Better clinical decision making by securely integrating patient information from multiple sources.

Dr Teresa Strefford is Executive Clinical Director for the NHS Cheshire CCGs. She said: “The detail that health and social care professionals can now access via the Cheshire Care Record is very powerful. It enables them, very quickly, to get a very thorough picture of the patient, without having to contact other partners for test results, medication histories, allergies, previous operations and treatment plans.

“Most importantly, the CCR is a vital tool when caring for patients who are not able to quickly and accurately recall information themselves.

“Only professionals directly involved in the patient’s health care are authorised to access this record and the information held is secure and never shared wider than our health and social care partners.

“All four CCGs in Cheshire are encouraging patients to support this move and to only opt out if they have a specific reason.”

Patients do not have to have a Cheshire Care Record if they do not want one. If for any reason patients do not want their health and care information shared between agencies they must opt out via their GP or social worker.