Out of Hours

Case Study from Out of Hours Triage Nurse

“As a triage nurse in the Out of Hours service, my job is to collect as much information on a patient to give to a GP on their way to a home visit.

“I generally find that the Cheshire Care Record is most helpful for elderly patients who can’t easily recall their medications and I am able to type up this information and pass to the Doctor.

“Access is always granted when I ask if they will allow me to look at their record, I think people are more than happy for me to use the Cheshire Care Record because they understand it’s in their best interests.

“It definitely helps me to highlight a past medical history or previous health issues and eliminates a lot of guess work when we get phone calls from people who are ill.

“Just recently I spoke to an elderly lady who was suffering from abdominal pain. We went through her symptoms and medical history but she didn’t mention something important that I found out from the Cheshire Care Record. She had had an umbilical hernia but had forgotten to tell me about it. The Doctor on call later told me that we had saved her life because it had strangulated. Without that historical information we wouldn’t have made the decision to send an out of hours doctor and she could have died.

“In our job when compiling a note history, it’s very important not to miss anything to aid an accurate diagnosis. The Cheshire Care Record can assist us in compiling a detailed set of notes on a patient.”